In search of a dessert that *looks* as though it requires hours of laboring, but is secretly so easy, it doesn’t even require an oven? Wait until you see – this recipe for no bake Easter bunny truffles only calls for five ingredients. Introducing coconut truffle balls – delightful in look, taste, and amount of prep time (or lack thereof). Gavin and I decided to throw in a splash of pink to the coconut tails made of creamy goodness and powdery sugar.  Enough chatting; let’s get rollin’ – shall we?

I saw these truffle balls on a splendid party site called Pizzazzerie.  I was struck by the simplicity of the tails, envisioning my boys having a blast rolling, coloring, and seeing a final product all within minutes of starting. My kind of dessert!  These tails are rich and sweet (note: more sweet than rich), so serving just one per child goes a long way. Otherwise, seeing your kids on a full-out sugar craze may make these tails suddenly seem not-so-sweet.

This 5-ingredient truffle begins with whipping each ingredient as you add it into your mixer, starting with butter.

Next, comes the cream cheese, vanilla, powdered sugar, and the unsweetened coconut.

Next, roll them in to individual balls.

Decorating is quite simple – you roll in coconut and are pretty much done!
Like we did, there’s always the option to add a dab of pink to the coconut – it offers more color variety than just white!

Now who doesn’t these adorable fluffy tails?

No Bake Easter Bunny Truffles

No Bake Easter Bunny Truffles

Photos by: Maria Hedrick Photography

Easter Bunny Tail Truffles

By TheSweetNerd  

March 19, 2018


1/4 cup butter, softened

4 ounces cream cheese, room temperature

1 teaspoon vanilla

1 package (16 ounces) confectioners sugar

2 1/2 cups flaked unsweetened coconut

1/2 cup sweetened coconut for rolling balls


1In a Kitchenaid mixer with a paddle attachment, mix butter.

2Add cream cheese, vanilla, confectioners sugar, and coconut.

3Make small dough balls and roll them in sweetened coconut.

No Bake Easter Bunny Truffles


  • How adorable are these Cindy?! And how cute is that video with your handsome helper?! These sound just delicious and they’re so fun for Easter!

    • Cindy "TheSweetNerd" Rodriguez
      7 years ago

      Awww shucks. Thanks Mary Ann. Gavin and I had fun making these! Happy Easter.

  • 7 years ago

    Seriously adorable – adding to my list of cute easter things! You have seriously out done yourself this easter on cute foods!! So much inspiration to gain x

    • Cindy "TheSweetNerd" Rodriguez
      7 years ago

      Thanks so much. I am blushing with your nice compliment about being inspirational with food.

  • Kendall
    7 years ago

    Coconut is the best and these truffles are so adorable! The pink makes for the perfect Easter treat!

    • Cindy "TheSweetNerd" Rodriguez
      7 years ago

      Thanks Kendall. I love coconut and these ones are easy-peasie.

  • I just love these! So cute and always great when small hands can get involved 🙂 Have a wonderful Easter!

    • Cindy "TheSweetNerd" Rodriguez
      7 years ago

      Thanks Jennifer. I love little hands too! Gotta teach them young.

  • My kinda dessert! Love how quickly these come together and such a fun project to get the kids involved! Those little pink cartons are too cute too. Pinned! Happy Easter to you guys 🙂

    • Cindy "TheSweetNerd" Rodriguez
      7 years ago

      Thanks Dawn. The little pink cartons were all me. Gavin wanted blue, but I insisted since I don’t have any girls that we use as much pink as they could possible muster. HA!

  • 7 years ago

    Very good, thank you for sharing

  • I hope you and your family are having a beautiful Easter, Cindy!!! These truffles are the cutest! I love anything bite sized and delicious, but the fact that these are coconut AND no bake has me swooning! Lucky for me these scrumptious bites aren’t just for Easter. 🙂 Cheers, friend! <3

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