Halloween Hacks: Cupcakes and Rice Krispies

Momma needs a break! Halloween hacks? Yes please! I’ve got some Sweet n’ Spooky Cupcakes and Rice Krispies Monsters for ya. These two easy cheats will def get your little goblins smiling.


Halloween Hacks

In the name of never, ever having enough time, yes, it’s a-okay to cheat. Add a little personalized touch and call it your own. Our local Albertsons in Los Feliz sells these amazing vanilla bean cupcakes.  Simple. Delish. I get them decorated with a simple white vanilla frosting. My kids love them! I remember in culinary school our chef explained that how a dessert looks is vital to the beginning of the tasting experience. So let’s dress up these guys.

First, buy some of your favorite chocolate melts. I used my trusty Wilton melts in pink, and nabbed this lovely Silicon Zone Halloween Mold. The molds are the perfect size for a cupcake topper.

An easy tip for filling the molds is to pour the melted chocolate into a ziplock bag, cut the tip, and then neatly pour into each mold.  Keeps it easy, clean, and efficient. Fill the molds and plop them in the refrigerator for 10 minutes.  

While the molds are chilling, add sprinkles to the frosting. I used Coco Madame, and it’s the perfect black and white balance for the soft pink feature piece. Who knew skeletons were this dang adorable?

I made these in 15 minutes flat. Super quick and easy, and pretty cute if I do say so myself.


Let’s get rocking with some Rice Krispies square decorating. Make them from scratch, or buy them prepackaged and get rolling with melting some pink chocolate melts.  For this hack, you will need:

  • White Sugar Eyes – I love the ones from Layer Cake Shop as they come in all sizes. They’re crunchy and taste quite delicious.
  • Chocolate Jimmies – These make for some great hair on your Rice Krispie monster.
  • Pink Candy MeltsWilton Candy Melts are easy and well-priced.

Dip the top third of the Rice Krispie bar in the melted pink chocolate. Sprinkle the chocolate jimmies for the hair, and plop on those sugar eyeballs.

Tip: when you give the monster that lovely jimmie hair-do, use a plate to help guide the jimmies along the top of the monster.

I placing the eyeballs. It makes this adorable monster come alive. Have fun with the eyeball placement!


Photos by: Maria Hedrick Photography

Two Halloween Hacks

By TheSweetNerd  

October 16, 2018


Rice Krispie Treats

Store bought Rice Krispie squares

Wilton chocolate melts

Fancy sprinkles

Candy eye balls


Store bought vanilla cupcakes

Wilton chocolate melts

Candy mold

Fancy sprinkles


Rice Krispie Treats

1Melt chocolate melts in glass in microwave for 30 seconds at a time until melted. Dip rice krispie treat into melted chocolate and immediately coat with sprinkles.

2Attach candy eyeballs. Stick optional skewer into treat.


1Melt chocolate melts in glass in microwave for 30 seconds at a time until melted. Fill candy mold with melted chocolate and refrigerate.

2Once candies are ready, take out of mold and push into pre bought cupcake. Finish off cupcakes with sprinkles on top.


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