Beauty + Water = Easy Fruit Cubes

Last night, I went for a run along the LA River (really, it’s more like a trickle).  While passing under the tunnel that connects the bike path to Griffith Park, I began to plan in my head (because I’m the Sweet Nerd) my husband’s 46th birthday.  I was thinking of a small gathering, table for eight, starting with a signature drink.  I pictured Aperol cocktails, followed by Water Backs.  For those of you younger folks, a Water Back is simply a glass of water to accompany your cocktail. These days, it’s nearly as important as the drink itself!  Now, what can I do to spice up those Water Backs and add just the right touch of Sweet Nerd perfection? Fruit Cubes!!

Fruit CubesYes, of course, fruit cubes! So, with my thinking cap on, I started researching ice cube trays.  I discovered that really any type will do. I bought these lovely Peak Ice Works Ice Cube Trays from Food 52.  They come in a variety of sizes to suit any cocktail you concoct.  I  creating fun flavor profiles. For the fruit cubes, I found inspiration at my favorite Farmer’s Market in nearby Atwater Village.  I visited Delmy’s Pupusas to check out their flavored juices and waters includingHorchata, Cucumber Mint, and Strawberry Lemonade.

Fruit CubesFor fun, I also ordered edible florals from Pastry Chef’s Boutique via Amazon.  They were absolutely beautiful!

I started by plopping in fruit, such as strawberries or blueberries, which sink to the bottom. Then I added citrus, such as lime and lemon, which stay afloat. Lastly, I placed the petals on top of a few. Stunning.

Fruit CubesI made three combinations of fruit cubes using strawberry + lemon, blueberry + orange, and mint + cucumber + lime. Have fun making different combinations!  There really isn’t any combination that doesn’t look beautiful.  And, don’t worry, if you can’t track down edible florals, use herbs like mint, basil, or thyme. Or rosemary, if you’re a fan. I personally think it’s too strong if it’s sitting in the water but it makes for a gorgeous garnish.

Fruit Cubes

You can serve your fruit cubes individually in shimmery glasses or add them to a pitcher of water for a delicious, flavor-infused refresher.  You can also make a bunch of fruit cubes ahead of time and keep replenishing them for your guests throughout a summer gathering or party.

Fruit Cubes

I love the way the yellows and reds pop in this sweet and sour combo of strawberry + lemon.

Fruit Cubes

Keep it cool with hues of green loaded in with tart pops of lime.  This Cucumber + Mint + Lime combo is a doozy!

Fruit CubesGo fruity with this zesty flavor profile of blueberry + orange.  It has such a feminine beauty to it.

Fruit Cubes

So, stay cool and soak up the praises with the most gorgeous ice cube-adorned Water Backs this summer!

Photos by: Maria Hedrick Photography

Fruit Cubes

By TheSweetNerd  

July 11, 2016



Mint, tiny whole leaves

Cucumber, sliced into thin 1/8 inch triangles (small enough to fit into your cube tray)

1/2 lemon, sliced into thin 1/8 inch triangles (small enough to fit in your cube tray)

1/2 lemon peel, julienned

2-3 strawberries, sliced thin (small enough to fit into your cube tray)

Blueberries, whole

1/2 orange sliced into thin 1/8 inch triangles (small enough to fit in your cube tray)

1/2 orange peel, julienned

Edible Floral Packet, separate floral petals (small enough to fit in your cube tray)


Mint Cucumber Ice Cubes:

1Add water, lime zest, cucumber triangle, and optional petal

Blueberry Orange Ice Cubes:

1Add water, orange zest, orange slices, blueberries, and optional petals

Strawberry Lemon Ice Cubes:

1Add water, then add strawberries, lemon slices, lemon zest, and optional petals

2Freeze & Enjoy!


Fruit Cubes


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